Accolades for performance on September 8th, 2012:

I want to thank Maddie for a great afternoon here at the Basin Bean.  The turnout was fantastic!  It was great seeing the room full of people enjoying the music. Maddie is such a great example for the younger people in the local music scene. Very talented and down to earth makes her very like-able.  The fact that she plays guitar too (very well) shows true talent.  - Mark Hillman, owner, Basin Bean Café
Accolades for performance on July 6th, 2012:

What a beautiful talented young lady Maddie is! To have the confidence to get up
and do that at any age is an accomplishment in my world, but to do so at her age
is really impressive! Heather and Scott you can be so proud!!

Yay Maddie! What a fun and special night! I found it especially touching to
see all of these amazing women with their daughters. It made me realize just
how lucky I am to have a little girl :). (and of course our boys rule too :)

 A tremendous performance!! Bravo, Maddie!! : ) 
Jeanne S.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Way to go Maddie, looking forward to hearing you
again Monday at Yotality! 


Congratulations Maddie! You have inspired some of our own guitar playing girls... You have such poise and talent. Keep performing :-) 

What an amazing young lady!  I'm looking forward to seeing her again on Monday! 
Jeanne M.

I had a wonderful time last night. Maddie is terrific! 
Lucy S.

We had a great time listening to Maddie. What a beautiful voice she has :) Anna loved to hear her requested song dedicated to her, thanks Maddie :)
See you Monday. 

She absolutely killed! Great job by Maddie... 
Steven R.
Totally agree! She rocked it! You should be very proud! 
Jill R.

Maddie was wonderful!! What a beautiful night!! 
Rachel G.

You sounded great tonight, Maddie. Nice job!!! 
Sue G.

Loved it!! 
Amy S.

Jono and I thought you were BRILLIANT! 
Kate E.

Nice job! 
Jo Ann C.

Nice job yesterday at Basin Bean, my daughter and her friend enjoyed your performance very much!!! Keep it up! We hope to hear you again soon :-) 
Keiko V.

Maddie was great yesterday.  She has quite the stage presence! Loved having the kids up there with her, too.  
Jay M.

She was fantastic! 
Jane M.